Current Projects


Saksham (Video Game)

Positions held: Dialogue editor, recording engineer, sound designer.

Project summary: Saksham teaches economics and business management through its game play. Early copies are currently being supplied to groups of impoverished women in India. When fully implemented, competence in the game will translate into real life business opportunities. Users will be able to sell products through an online marketplace tied to the core application.

Project Notes: Roughly 450 lines of Hindi dialogue have been recorded and implemented in the game. Below, Akshay is shown recording and double checking the translation from English to Hindi.

The next step is to record and edit the English dialogue.

Project website:

Deployment: Android.

Taiwan World Stage Design 2017 (Concert)


Positions held: DJ

Project summary: The World Stage Design occurs every four years hosting a number of performances, workshops, and theater related exhibits. This summer, Purdue's team for stage play/concert Choices has been accepted to perform at this year's festival.

Information on Choices website:


Sound Kitchen website: