Purdue Contemporary Dance Company

Project summary: The contemporary dance company presents an annual spring and winter show featuring several separate pieces. Each piece is directed by a choreographer, who works closely with a composer for the dance's score.





Spring Show (2016)


Positions held: Composer.

Choreographer: Melodie Carr.

Title of work: Thanks Alicia

My process is as follows:

Process step 1: Flush out concepts and themes with Melodie.

Process step 2: Compose sound models.

Process step 3: Talk with dancers and learn the passions and emotions they feel from the dance piece, the music, and dancing in general.

Process step 4: Adapt or add sound models.

Process step 5: Repeat from step 1 until complete.

Project Notes: The final piece was just under 10 minutes. Each dancer was recorded whispering lines they wrote from their dance character's perspective. These lines were used in the final score's draft.






Fall Show (2015)


Positions held: Composer.


Choreographer: Holly Jaycox.

Title of work: Inside the Space Between.

Project notes: The final score was eleven minutes. The music is built from 9 distinct chunks written independent of each other. This was done to represent varying human perceptions.



Inside the Space Between -
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